Round Tassel Throw 'Fiesta'
Round Tassel Throw 'Fiesta'
Round Tassel Throw 'Fiesta'
Round Tassel Throw 'Fiesta'

Round Tassel Throw 'Fiesta'

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'Fiesta' need we say anymore. Full of vibrancy that is happiness in a throw. Bringing your very own rainbow daily. These are simply stunning and full of so much joy. There will be no regrets with 'Fiesta'. They are the heart and soul of Frankie Rose & Co. So for all those colourful lovers out there, this is for you.  


Hand-loomed with a durable 100% wash-easy cotton

Threads- Multi-Coloured

Size- Approximately 200cm diameter

Makers- Rolando and Jazmin 

Please note that the colours will always vary in each combination of the Fiesta Throw, this is due to what is available at the time.


Versatile for-




Wall Tapestry

Picnics & Floor


Textile lovers beware....once you see and feel these creations, you will understand why your passion and love for textiles was born. Slowly made goodness from the heart of textile rich Mexico. Supporting Slow Fashion and a livelihood that has been around for 100's of years.


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