Price Transparency

What is Price Transparency?

Price Transparency is simply knowing what you are paying for and having a better understanding of the true value of a product. Slow Fashion is not a cheap Industry to be in, it supports Small Businesses and is the heart and soul of true handcrafted trades.

As a consumer, how do you want to shop and feel? Do you want to make conscious purchases and contribute to tangible change? If the answer is YES then I encourage you to spread the love and begin learning the ins-and-outs of the brands you purchase from.


What does Landed Price Mean?

Landed Price simply involves the True Cost of our products - how much we have paid to source, create and deliver the product before you receive it. This price includes:

  • Materials and labour of handmade products
  • Logistics. International and domestic freight plus any taxes
  • Development and growth of Frankie Rose & Co

Knowing What You Are Paying For-

We want to advocate for a more conscious shopping experience. Our goal is to support our artisans and the time, effort and love they pour into each item. This is where Price Transparency and Supply Chain Transparency come into play.


Slow Fashion Vs Fast Fashion-

Majority of big brands continue to lack transparency. These Fast Fashion brands continue to prioritise profit margins and growth above everything else. To better understand how pricing in the Fashion Retail industry works please see below.

Most fast fashion brands you shop from directly will have a mark-up of at least 500% on the landed price. This is usual practice for most retail brands. Keeping in mind that these items are produced with a focus on quantity over quality. 

Slow Fashion is more Environmentally, Socially and Ethically responsible. It is what we at Frankie Rose & Co are most proud of.


Price Transparency Tables-

Our tables make it easy to understand the costs associated with each product so you can clearly see what you are paying for. There is also a comparison to what the traditional retail model would charge and then, our price. These can be found on the collections pages as well as in the description for each product.

What Does This Mean For You As A Customer Of Frankie Rose & Co?

What does shopping at Frankie Rose & Co mean for you? It means that you are offered a clear understanding of what you are paying for and who made it. As a customer, you have the opportunity to purchase high-quality products at fair prices. Most importantly you will be supporting our makers and their families directly, keeping their livelihood and cultural heritage alive. Thank you!