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Slow Fashion

Understanding What you are Paying For...

Price Transparency

Price Transparency is simply knowing what you are paying for and having a better understanding of the true value of a product. Slow Fashion is not a cheap Industry to be in, it supports Small Businesses and is the heart and soul of true handcrafted trades.

As a consumer, how do you want to shop and feel? Do you want to make conscious purchases and contribute to tangible change? If the answer is YES then I encourage you to spread the love and begin learning the ins-and-outs of the brands you purchase from.

We want to advocate for a more conscious shopping experience. Our goal is to support our artisans and the time, effort and love they pour into each item. This is where Price and Supply Chain Transparency come into play.

To learn more, head over to our 'Price Transparency' Page

For The Love of Handmade...

Textile Love

Textile lovers beware....once you see and feel these creations, you will understand why your passion and love for textiles was born. Slowly made goodness from the heart of textile rich Mexico, Oaxaca is known for the slow production of textiles. Vibrant colours or earthy hues, we can bring Mexico to you. Supporting Slow Fashion and a livelihood that has been around for over 100 years.

Do you want to purchase a product that not only delivers the highest of quality, but also a cultural connection? Yes..then look no further! From one textile lover to another, you will not be disappointed.

Falling in love with the craftsmanship was not difficult, I know you will do the same. Imagine ordering a product knowing it will bring happiness to the soul and durable elegance all in one. A product not mass produced, that is made slowly and lovingly... then look no further.

The only problem is deciding on colours...but never fear as most customers who bring one of these beauties into their life, always come back for more.

Meet our beautiful makers here.